About Us

Swampdog started it’s journey into pottery in 2016 and we fell in love with it. We’re excited to share our work with others now, and always happy to hear feedback from anyone that has purchased or been gifted one of our pieces. We enjoy working with clay and exploring various techniques and shapes. Our current passion is the use of underglaze and overglaze transfers that are available from a few talented artists. These transfers provide an opportunity to make a piece that can be truly meaningful to the right person.

Meet our support crew:

Meet Seamus, our best boy and number one pup in the shop. Always nearby, and always happy to greet visitors at the door when they come to the shop.

Tessa is our aloof number two support pup in the shop. She likes her space but always shows up for treats or the last few sips of tea.

Frankie Joined the crew in 2021 and has made himself very much at home. He tends to be more of a hindrance then a help in the shop, but we adore his company.

When we saw Teddy at the OSPCA we just couldn’t pass up bringing him home with us to join the pack. Teddy is full of energy and mischief, and he keeps the rest of the group young at heart with his antics.